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The GrillOut

★ Accessibility ★

As someone who is disabled, accessibility is a major priority to me. Before building this blog, I only knew pure html — the site was originally built only using tables — so I'm doing all I can to learn new skills with CSS. I've ran my site through the WAVE Tool and done my best to ensure basic functionality and ease of navigation. However, I still have a ways to go to make things truly top notch. So please have patience with me as I'm still constructing! If you spot an issue and want to let me know about it so I can work on getting it fixed, please send me an email.

Current Features:

  • The entire site has a "Skip to main content" button for ease of use.
  • The whole website uses Atkinson Hyperlegible for maximum readability.
  • Alt text for all non-decorative images.
  • Zooming in or out doesn't break the layout.
  • Fully keyboard accessible.
  • Uses Semantic HTML.
  • Mobile-responsive.

Planned Features:

  • A Dark/Light mode toggle.