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★ Fansub Projects ★

Piracy is an integral part of anime fandom history. As many older shows and more obscure newer offerings are still unavailable to anyone who doesn't speak Japanese natively, it is imperitive to still create fansubs to help preserve anime history and make shows more accessible for all! With this in mind, I help organize and contribute to projects whenever I can. I am willing and able to subtitle any work for anyone with translation skills. Please send me an email or contact me on social media if you have translation skills and want to finally see your favorite old or obscure anime subtitled! In rare cases for shorter series, I may be willing to also take requests, but don't count on it. I have limited translation skills myself.

Fedi Friends Presents:

Current Crew:

Fedi Friends Presents is a group formed thanks to the Fediverse with the current goal of fully translating and subtitling Sue Cat, the third idol anime to ever exist and a historically important release that sadly never found a release outside of Japan.

Sue Cat - Latest Release: Google DriveInternet Archive

"Sue, a girl who lost her memory due to an accident, decides to become a professional singer in order to reunite with her separated family. She thought that if she became famous as a singer, she would have a chance to appear on TV and see her mother and sisters again. After overcoming various hardships, Sue was finally reunited with her sisters Ran and Miki. After that, she formed a trio called "Sue Cat" with her sisters and began her career. But Sue's climb to the top of the charts is a long and hard journey."

Grilled Subs:

A silly little name for the "group" that does my own personal small projects. These are usually okay, but simplistically translated and for the weirdest of the weird short anime.

Rokuro The Great Adventure! - Latest Release: Google DriveInternet Archive

One day, twelve amulets that protect the world are shattered. By whom? While the curse of shattered pieces is spreading to people around the world, for some reason there is only one person who is not under the curse. That is Rokuro. Rokuro sets on a journey with his big brother Goro and younger sister Nanako to save their family and eventually the world. With a magic brush that he got from a hermit, Rokuro's great adventure starts!

Rokuro The Great Adventure! is a spinoff of Let's Make a Mug Too while being the first anime made to exclusively air on a dental hygiene app! As this is an odd yet historic release, we are taking the effort to preserve this show with a simple fansub for future English speaking audiences. The show will be presented just how it looks in the app (minus the added subtitles of course) so those watching can still feel those cell phone vibes.