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✦ Fedi Friends Presents ✦

A group of awesome people came together on the Fediverse to try and make a fansub for Sue Cat so this historically important idol anime more accessible to English audiences. This is a little temporary home to keep updates on until if/when a proper website can be built up!

Current Crew:

We could absolutely use any help to make this and any future projects a reality! If interested in joining our crew for any position, reach out to LiteralGrill on the Fediverse or at literalgrill at protonmail dot com. Things like timing and typesetting can be tought, so if you'd like to learn don't be shy, just ask. We're likely to focus on important historical releases due to our origin, but who knows where future projects will take us! Don't worry about our name too much either, you're more than welcome to contribute whether you use the Fedi for social media or not.

Are you a translator who has a show you've always wanted to see subbed? This in an invite to especially reach out! LiteralGrill is down to do the extra work to time and add subtitles whenever she has free time so long as the hard work of translation is done.

Sue Cat - Latest Release: TBA

After an accident, the amnesiac Sue was taken in to live with Torao's family. She always had the urge to become a singer, but didn't know why. As it turns out, Sue is actually part of a band formed with her two twin sisters. But Sue's climb to the top of the charts is a long and hard way.

Rokuro The Great Adventure! - Latest Release: TBA

One day, twelve amulets that protect the world are shattered. By whom? While the curse of shattered pieces is spreading to people around the world, for some reason there is only one person who is not under the curse. That is Rokuro. Rokuro sets on a journey with his big brother Goro and younger sister Nanako to save their family and eventually the world. With a magic brush that he got from a hermit, Rokuro's great adventure starts!

Rokuro The Great Adventure! is a spinoff of Let's Make a Mug Too while being the first anime made to exclusively air on a dental hygiene app! As this is an odd yet historic release, we are taking the effort to preserve this show with a simple fansub for future English speaking audiences. The show will be presented just how it looks in the app (minus the added subtitles of course) so those watching can still feel those cell phone vibes.

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