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Welcome to The GrillOut, home of Borealis, aka the LiteralGrill~

Inspired by late 90s and early 2000s fansites of yore, The GrillOut is a no-frills site built to load fast, have accessibility in mind, and have tons of fun things to read! You can expect essays, reviews, and general musings with a focus on anime, cartoons, and generally obscure media.

Expect posts to go up whenever my brain allows and I'm particularly inspired! You can see a sampling of my most recent works below and check out the full breadth of my work in the archive.

Delicious in Dungeon: Oppression, War, and the Power of Bread - Posted June 10, 2024

I started watching Delicious in Dungeon properly today simply expecting some excellent entertainment while loom knitting. I ended up getting a fantastic reminder about how a single episode of anime can be what sparks education and discussion about history, current events, and the struggles of oppressed people.

Transphobia Should Be Maintained in Adaptations: A Trans Perspective - Posted February 18, 2024

Discotek's release of LovelyComplex resulted in an extremely rare look at how the sausage is made when Brendan Blaber, AKA JelloApocalypse, made a now deleted post on Patreon discussing his work on LoveCom's localization and dub. Blaber received condemnation from both Diskotek and SoundCadence — who produced the dub — which resulted in speculation that Blaber would now be blacklisted from the industry. While some of Blaber's statements in that post were proven to be outright wrong in multiple instances, his discussion on how changes were made to the dub surrounding Seiko Kotobuki's representation are worth noting.